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General Questions:

Question: Why is my game not loading?

Occassionally there may be issues with the download or loading of a game. This is out of Faro Entertainments control and is typically caused by a break in Wifi or the Apple Server during download.

If you have purchased one of our games and are having issues with the download or loading of the game, the best way to solve this is to delete the game from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and re-install it.

To do this simply press and hold on the Game Icon. The icons will begin to shake and each will now have a little "x" on the top left corner. Touch the x on the Game Icon and delete it. Now go back to the App store and Download the same game again. It may look like you have to pay for it again, but this is not the case. Once you pay for an app you can re-download it again and again on your device for free. This should correct any loading problems you once had.

If you have any further problems please feel free to contact us at Thank you again for purchasing our game titles and keep your eye out for future Faro Entertainment titles coming soon.